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Launch of the New TOTALPAC® N2 Integrated System

FireFlex Systems is proud to announce the launch of its newest product, the TOTALPAC® N2. It's the ideal fire protection companion for corrosion inhibiting. Here are some key benefits of installing this type of cabinet. 


  • Fully integrated units with nothing to Install in the field
  • This system uses the ECS® PSV-D Smart Vent to distribute the N2 throughout the entire sprinkler piping through the fill and purge breathing principal.
  • Nitrogen Concentration readings can be taken directly at the cabinet
  • Automated purging mode that shuts down after Nitrogen levels are achieved.
  • Up to 950 USGAL (3596 L) of sprinkler piping capacity.
  • Single Compressor for initial fill for systems with 250 gallons and less.
  • Rapid fill bypass mode for larger capacity systems.
  • Smaller footprint of the Integrated systems (no tank required).

Proudly manufactured by the company that introduced and developed the concept of integrated fire protection systems in the market, this TOTALPAC® N2 integrated fire protection system consists of a preaction system trim totally pre-assembled, pre-wired, factory tested and ready to be connected to the water supply and piping network.

This system includes all control valves, release control panel and the nitrogen generator which combined with our dry and preaction integrated system, can effectively inhibit electrochemical, galvanic and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), as well as protect against freeze-ups and ice plugs.

The TOTALPAC® N2 unit is available in multiple configurations: non interlocked, single or double interlocked, dry, preaction, Surefire and FireCylcle types, all in sizes from 2” to 6” diameter.

Download the product sheet or watch our latest video.

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