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FireFlex N2-BlastCorrosion in sprinkler piping is a growing concern in the fire protection industry. It has been proven that using dry nitrogen as a supervisory gas is an effective method of mitigating corrosion in fire sprinkler systems. Once again, FireFlex is on the cutting edge of innovation and introduces the FireFlex® N2-Blast®

Designed & manufactured by South-Tek Systems, the N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System combined with our dry and preaction integrated fire protection systems, can effectively inhibit electrochemical, galvanic and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), as well protect against freeze-ups and ice plugs.To learn more, click on the topics below.


FireFlex Systems’ Integrated Fire Protection System Features

  • Viking Sprinkler system
  • Simple and quick installation thereby reducing costs
  • Compact factory assembled and tested systems
  • Lockable doors to avoid unauthorized handling
  • Available in multiple sizes and configurations
  • Serial number for easy reference

South-Tek Systems’ N2-Blast® Features

  • Limits the liability of early pipe replacement
  • Simple and inexpensive to maintain
  • Engineered for low energy consumption
  • Best value in nitrogen generation technology
  • Significant cost savings by using black pipe in combination with nitrogen

Ensures Integrity of the Fire Protection System

The integrity of a dry or preaction fire protection system (FPS) can be compromised due to corrosion, freeze-ups or ice plugs in the sprinkler piping. Hydrotesting a fire protection system leaves residual water in the sprinkler piping, which becomes a key ingredient causing corrosion, and can lead to blockage due to greezing. The N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System produces 98%+ pure nitrogen on demand and introduces it to the dry or preaction fire protection system. In doing so, oxygen and moisture are displaced from the piping through the N2-Blast® - AutoPurge SystemTM.


Available Types

The FIREFLEX® N2-BLAST® is available with the following types:

  • Dry
  • Preaction
  • Surefire®
  • Firecycle® III preaction and integrated fire protection systems on the remote-controlled and self-contained units

FireFlex® N2-Blast® - AutoPurge System™

High purity nitrogen must be equally distributed throughout the entire sprinkler system in order to effectively inhibit corrosion. The Patent Pending N2-Blast® - AutoPurge System™ provides a low volume, constant purge of nitrogen within each sprinkler system.

The rate of less than 1.5 psi in 24 hours, in which gas is evacuated from the piping, is within NFPA guidelines and allows breathing to occur.

The N2-Blast® - AutoPurge System™ also assists in drying out the residual water from a hydrotest, and must be installed at a high point on a remote section of the sprinkler system.

How to order a FireFlex® N2-Blast®

Ordering a FireFlex® N2-Blast® is simple. Indeed, a basic system includes the system valve, its releasing trim and its Nitrogen generator (250 or 750 USGal.), whether it is a remote controlled cabinet without control panel or a self-contained unit with control panel. And all this is included under a single part number.

You will notice that the Configuration Form resembles a matrix. For easy use, it is divided into 9 sections:

  • Preaction systems (non, single & double interlock)
  • Dry pipe systems (normal & HP)
  • Firecycle III systems
  • Surefire systems
  • System trim options (shut-off valve, FD connection, etc.)
  • VFR-400 control panel options (zones, relays, batteries, etc.)
  • Air supplies (the usual 3 styles – A,B & C)
  • Air supply options (dehydrator, accelerator, etc.)
  • Nitrogen purity monitoring options

To order a FireFlex® N2-Blast® using the Configuration Form:

  • Select the type of system required on your project (preaction, dry, etc...).
  • Choose the style of system required (remote controlled or self-contained) and its release system (electric, pneumatic, etc.).
  • Follow this line to the proper part number under the column of the system size (FireFlex® N2-Blast® units are available under 5 sizes: 1½", 2", 3", 4", and 6" diam.). This is the part number that should be ordered.

Add the required system options to complete your order and you are done!

Our adaptability, in order to better meet our customers' needs, is our main priority. Consequently, here is the available range of options for the FIREFLEX® N2-BLAST® units.

More informations coming soon.

Here is the FIREFLEX® N2-BLAST® full documentation.

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