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FireFlex 1230 - Novec 1230CLEAN AGENT FIRE EXTINGUISHING INTEGRATED SYSTEMS. Designed with user-friendly features, the FIREFLEX® 1230 units are easy to install and maintain.

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3M NOVEC 1230NovecTM 1230 Fire Protection Fluid


  • simple and quick installation thereby reducing costs
  • compact factory assembled and tested systems
  • lockable doors to avoid unauthorized handling
  • clean agent safe for occupants
  • environmentally safe long-term solution
  • available in multiple sizes
  • serial number for easy reference
  • FM Approved as an assembled unit
  • UL/ULC Listed as an assembled unit
  • Seismic type construction, up to 2 x 601 lbs cylinders, 46’’ cabinet


Factory assembly of the FIREFLEX® 1230 cabinets ensures that all components have been carefully integrated. All systems are fully programmed and tested at the factory which facilitates the onsite installation and commissioning process.

The FIREFLEX® 1230 cabinets are of the freestanding type and are made of robust 14 gauge steel with a corrosion resistant fire red paint finish, polyester powder-coated and oven-baked on a phosphate base. Cabinets are also provided with one or two locked frontal doors, reducing space requirements for ease of installation and maintenance. Furthermore, all doors are provided with a neoprene gasket to reduce vibrations and can be removed without special tools for easy access.

Technical details:

FireFlex 1230 - Novec 1230

Note: 24", 36" and 46" cabinets are available with seismic option. 

Novec 1230 Extinguishing Agent

This clean extinguishing agent is based on sustainable technology and is the only chemical agent currently available that not only meets current regulations but also those in the future regulatory framework. It is also the only extinguishing agent that allows a 1 to 1 cylinder replacements for existing halon systems.

Used at concentrations from 4% to 6%, the 3M™ NovecTM 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a new generation of halon replacements, designed to mitigate concerns regarding occupant safety, extinguishing performance and the environment. Contrary to first generation HFC’s, the NovecTM 1230 fluid has key characteristics that define a clean extinguishing agent such as:

  • ozone layer depletion potential of zero (ODP)
  • global warming potential of 1 (GWP)
  • atmospheric lifetime of only 5 days
  • widest safety margin for occupants

The FIREFLEX® 1230 integrated systems are thus adapted for use in any mission critical facility requiring a clean extinguishing agent that is not only fast and efficient, but also safe for people and the environment.

SEVO Cylinders

The FIREFLEX® 1230 system uses SEVO™ 1230 FORCE500™ cylinders pressurized at 500 psi and designed for a high volume discharge rate in order to meet the rapid discharge requirements specified in the NFPA 2001 standard. Discharge valves are of brass construction and are designed as per the pressure differential concept. They are also provided with an integrated pressure safety device, a pressure indicating gauge and an electric actuator. The SEVO™ system is UL, ULC Listed and FM Approved.

All systems are designed as per the NFPA 2001 standard and in compliance with the limitations and instructions found in the manufacturer’s design manual. All cylinders are factory-filled with the extinguishing agent and then pressurized with nitrogen allowing maximum flexibility at the time of installation. They are fabricated, tested and stamped according to D.O.T. 4BA500 or 4BW500 or TC specifications depending on their size and capacity.

FireFlex 1230 - Novec 1230 - SEVO CYLINDER

SEVO Discharge Nozzles

FireFlex 1230 - Novec 1230

The SEVO™ discharge nozzles are designed to provide a complete and rapid vaporization of the Novec™ 1230 fluid as well as properly distribute the agent within the protected space. Standard nozzles are made of aluminum and are available in various sizes, including ½”, 1”, 1½”, 2” and 2½”. Both 180º and 360 º models cover a maximum area of 32’ x 32’ with a maximum height of 16’-4”.


  • Telecommunication centersFireFlex 1230 - Novec 1230
  • Server rooms and data storage
  • Control rooms
  • Art galleries & museums
  • Medical treatment centers & laboratories
  • Archives
  • Emergency diesel generators


The FIREFLEX® 1230 is FM Approved and cULus Listed as an assembled unit. Click on the link below to view the FIREFLEX® 1230 certificates.

Our adaptability, in order to better meet our customers' needs, is our main priority. Consequently, here is the available range of options for the FIREFLEX® 1230.

Seismic type construction Option

The FIREFLEX® 1230 seismic type construction option is available with or without panel, up to 2 x 601 lbs cylinders, 46’’ cabinet.


The FIREFLEX® 1230 seismic option is tested in accordance with:

  • International Building Code, 2009 Edition
  • California Building Code, 2007 Edition
  • ASCE Standard 7, 2005 Edition
  • ICC-ES AC-156 




Remote-controlled Option

The remote-controlled option provides a junction box where all supervisory and con­trol devices, are prewired to a set of terminals for field wiring to a releasing control panel to be provided by others. The system’s electric actuator must be compatible and listed with the releasing control panel.

Releasing Control Panel

POTTER PANEL - FIREFLEX 1230The optional releasing control panel integrated in the FIREFLEX® 1230 cabinet is Potter’s model PFC-4410RC. It is provided with a menu-driven programming, including a specific program assigned at the factory.

The panel is compatible with many types of fire alarm and supervisory devices such as linear heat detectors, spot type heat and smoke detectors, waterflow and release indicators, low and high air pressure switches, manual pull stations and abort switches.

The control panel also includes an alphanumeric display with 2 lines of 16 characters describing all the system conditions, as well as a set of red and yellow LED lamps individually indicating each of the alarm, trouble and super­visory conditions of the system. Easy to operate control buttons are also pro­vided to activate and operate the system’s various functions.