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Our cutting-edge systems are an alliance between research, development, quality & durability.

Since its inception in 1991, FIREFLEX SYSTEMS has been designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art innovative integrated fire protection systems that set the benchmark not just for water-based, but also for clean agents and FIREFLEX's unique compressed air foam system.

The company initially focused on developing the FIREFLEX multicycle deluge system designed to meet the specific requirements for the protection of power transformers and generators. The company then introduced the concept of integrated fire protection systems on a large-scale: hence the TOTALPAC®. With the rapid growth in information technology, widespread use of computers in the workplace and the phase-out of Halon 1301—preaction systems became a popular solution to protect mission critical facilities. The industry's positive response to a product that offered flexibility to specifying engineers, contractors and end-users paved the way for a valuable alternative to traditional methods. The TOTALPAC® became a trademark, revolutionized the industry, and set the standard to position FIREFLEX SYSTEMS as the world leader in integrated fire protection systems.


FIREFLEX SYSTEMS' commitment, year after year, to quality and continuous improvement has resulted in achieving and maintaining its ISO 9001 quality certification. Its modern facilities are geared towards producing a high-volume of quality integrated systems in a factory-controlled setting. All facets of its processes including sales, service, manufacturing and testing are documented so that corrective action can be taken should any non-conformity arise. This stringent quality control system ensures that each assembly is produced under the highest quality standards, which is the fundamental basis of the ISO 9001 certification: TOTAL QUALITY.


We at FIREFLEX SYSTEMS are actively involved in supporting and training the fire protection practitioner at all levels—including industry-related associations such as NFPA, SFPE, AFSA, NFSA and ASPE—with respect to our innovative products. We recognize that with a rapidly evolving industry that has seen an accelerated pace in new technological advancements, there is a constant effort by architects and engineers to keep updated on new product developments. This also holds true for insurance underwriters, contractors, end-users, property managers, building owners, maintenance personnel and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ). Whether it is through exhibits, conferences, lunch & learn presentations, technical seminars, Webinars or one-on-one technical discussions,

FIREFLEX's technical sales representatives draw on their in-depth knowledge and expertise to provide a level of technical support that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Our customer service department is readily available to address any product-related service call, replacement part or general operation and maintenance questions that may arise. All our integrated product lines possess a SERIAL NUMBER which is entered into our database. This enables FIREFLEX to record and track service calls, replacement parts, or any system modifications that have been reported on individual units. This renders complete traceability of all systems and ultimately contributes in improving the quality of our service, and customer satisfaction.


LEADING TO NEW FOAM TECHNOLOGYIn 2001, actively involved with research and development, FIREFLEX embarked on a new endeavor that came to fruition with a technological breakthrough in foam fire-fighting. It developed the first engineered fixed system for compressed air foam. The ICAF (Integrated Compressed Air Foam) system received in 2004 FM Approval for class B hydrocarbon spill fires, pool fires, and cascading fires. FIREFLEX successfully developed the capability of generating and delivering CAF with high momentum through a fixed piping network and a specially-designed discharge device while maintaining excellent foam quality. The ICAF system demonstrated superior firefighting capability while reducing water supply requirements by 4 to 1 in comparison to conventional foam systems. ICAF technology provided solutions to meet the complexities for applications where water supply or containment-drainage was insufficient. Further testing and development lead to enhanced Listings for polar solvents and simultaneous sprinkler discharge. Recognition of CAFS in NFPA 11, 850 and 851 allowed FIREFLEX SYSTEMS to once again offer innovative solutions to better serve the fire protection practitioner in addressing challenging fire protection scenarios that evolve in modern life.


With the Montreal Protocol in place, the phase-out of halon systems and the industry moving away from HFC's, FIREFLEX SYSTEMS introduced in 2008 the FIREFLEX® 1230 and FIREFLEX® DUAL which utilize 3MTM NOVECTM 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. These were the first in integrated clean agent systems once again breaking new barriers to provide simplicity in challenging situations. 3MTM NOVECTM 1230 clean agent offers the least environmental impact and widest safety margin for occupants. ADDRESSING


Understanding the true needs of customers is one of the most vital aspects of the product development process. As such, by introducing the TOTALPAC®X, FIREFLEX confirmed its ability to communicate with its customers and consulting engineers to develop a product that will address customer needs while meeting its most stringent standards. The TOTALPAC®X weatherproof unit is not only a solution for outdoor systems, but also another example of FIREFLEX's leadership in this industry.