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TotalPac - FireFlexCOMPACT AND AESTHETIC, the new TOTALPAC® 3 set the bar for modern fire protection applications. Designed with user-friendly features, the TOTALPAC® 3 units are easy to install and maintain. To learn more, click on the topics below.



Designed with user-friendly features, the TOTALPAC® 3 units are easy to install and maintain.

  • New more compact cabinet design / smaller footprint
  • Uses Viking Model F-1 Straight Through Deluge valve
  • Now available up to 8" systems
  • Larger compressor available up to 8" systems (up to 2 HP)
  • Removable knockouts provided for electrical conduits connections (no drilling required in cabinet)

How to order a TOTALPAC®3

Ordering a Viking TOTALPAC®3 with the Conventional Trim and the VFR-400 Releasing Panel is simple. Indeed, a basic system includes the system valve, its releasing trim and its supporting assembly, whether it is a skid, a remote controlled cabinet without control panel or a self-contained unit with control panel. And all this is included under a single part number.

You will notice that the Configuration Form resembles a matrix. For easy use, it is divided into 10 sections which follow the way the new User Manuals are also designed:

  • Preaction systems (non, single & double interlock)
  • Deluge systems
  • Wet pipe systems
  • Dry pipe systems (normal & HP)
  • Firecycle III systems
  • Surefire systems

And it is followed by:

  • System options (shut-off valve, FD connection, etc.)
  • VFR-400 control panel options (zones, relays, batteries, etc.)
  • Air supplies (the usual 4 styles – A,B,C & D), and then
  • Air supply options (dehydrator, accelerator, etc.)
  • Seismic option

To order a TOTALPAC®3 using the Configuration Form:

  • Select the type of system required on your project (preaction, deluge, dry, etc...).
  • Choose the style of system required (skid mounted, remote controlled or self-contained) and its release system (electric, pneumatic, etc.).
  • Follow this line to the proper part number under the column of the system size (TotalPac®3 units are available under 6 sizes: 1½", 2", 3", 4", 6" and 8" diam.). This is the part number that should be ordered.
  • Add the required system options to complete your order and you are done!

Other Standard Features

  • cULus & FM Approved as an assembled unit
  • Modular Viking conventional trim rated at 250 psi
  • Galvanized trim piping standard in all units
  • Factory assembled, programmed and tested
  • Serial number for easy reference
  • Corrosion resistant cabinet with flush type handle and lock
  • No open drain cup inside the unit
  • Available in 6 sizes: 1½" (40mm), 2" (50mm), 3" (80mm), 4" (100mm), 6" (150mm) and 8" (200 mm)
  • Self-contained unit prewired to the Viking VFR-400 releasing control panel
  • Failsafe preaction type with a Surefire® trim
  • Multicycle units using Firecycle® III technology
  • Numerous modular options to meet the most demanding jobsite requirements: anti-column device, flanged inlet & outlet pipes connections, fire department connection outlet, supervised shut-off valve & sight glass
  • 4 styles of modular air supply optionsInlet & outlet hydrostatic test ports
  • Assembled under ISO 9001 quality control standards User-friendly standardized operation & installation manual
  • Free interactive simulator
  • Fast deliveries


Factory assembly of the TOTALPAC® 3 cabinets ensures that all components have been carefully integrated. All systems are fully programmed and tested at the factory which facilitates the onsite installation and commissioning process.

The FIREFLEX® cabinets are of the freestanding type and are made of robust 14 gauge steel with a corrosion resistant fire red paint finish, polyester powder-coated and oven-baked on a phosphate base. Cabinets are also provided with two locked frontal doors that are removable without special tools, reducing space requirements for ease of installation and maintenance. Furthermore, all doors are provided with a neoprene gasket to reduce vibrations.

Technical details:

  • FM and cULus Approved as a factory assembled unit
  • Modular releases (manual, fail-safe, electric & pneumatic)
  • Compact layout saves floor space
  • Fully tested and programmed at the factory.
  • Unique serial number on every unit
  • User-friendly owner's manual with every unit
  • Simplified operation and maintenance
  • Factory built under ISO-9001 conditions

Three Styles for Full Flexibility

  • Remote-controlled Preassembled Unit
    The unit is provided with a junction box atop the sprinkler trim enclosure where all internal devices are prewired to a sturdy set of terminals for field wiring to a releasing control panel to be provided by others. 
  • Self-contained Preassembled Unit
    Complete system with a prewired releasing control panel installed in an enclosure atop the sprinkler trim enclosure. 
  • Modular Release Trim
    Units are built from subassemblies using quality pipe unions making servicing any part quick and simple. Operating instructions indicated on all valve handles and devices make operation safe and easy to comprehend.

Available Types


  • Non-interlocked with pneumatic or electric release
  • Single interlocked with pneumatic or electric release
  • Double interlocked with pneumatic-pneumatic, electric-pneulectric or electric-pneumatic release


  • Failsafe single or double interlocked preaction system


  • Firecycle® III single or double interlocked preaction
  • Firecycle® III deluge
  • Firecycle® III wet


  • With hydraulic, pneumatic or electric release

Dry Pipe

  • Available in standard 175 psi or HP 250 psi

Wet Pipe

  • Available with constant pressure trim, retard chamber or excess pressure pump

Releasing Control Panel

Viking Control PanelThe Viking VFR-400 is cULus Listed, FM Approved and meets UL 864-9 requirements. It features onboard menu-driven programming with twelve pre-installed programs to facilitate set up. The panel is compatible with multiple initiating devices such as: linear heat detection, smoke and heat detectors, waterflow indicators, low & high air pressure switches as well as manual pull stations.

Viking VFR-400 control panel User's Manual


The TOTALPAC® 3 units are cULus and FM Approved. Click on the links below to view the TOTALPAC® 3 certificates:

Every TotalPac3 Unit configuration meets NFPA requirements and has also been submitted to the authorities where it was subjected to the toughest approval and testing requirements. Every component has been tested and proven by recognized listing laboratories to insure compatibility between each one and their full integration into the final product.  

Our modern manufacturing facility allows prefabrication and storage of the most common configurations, making our deliveries the best of the industry. Exclusive manufacturing techniques ensure that every system meets the most stringent standards. 




  c-UL-us, FM, NYC


  c-UL-us, FM, NYC

  Firecycle® III Preaction

  c-UL-us, FM (see note 3), NYC

  Firecycle® III Deluge

  c-UL-us, NYC

  Firecycle® III Wet Pipe

  c-UL-us, FM, NYC

  Surefiretm Preaction

  c-UL-us, FM, NYC

  Dry Pipe


  Dry Pipe (HP®)

   c-UL-us & FM (see note 1)

  Wet Pipe

   c-UL-us & FM (see note 2)


  1. HP Dry pipe are c-UL-us approved but not FM Approved as an assembled unit. Their components are c-UL-us and FM.
  2. Units are not listed as an assembled unit but their components are UL/ULC Listed and FM Approved.
  3. Firecycle® III double interlock preaction is FM Approved for refrigerated area only. 

Our adaptability, in order to better meet our customers' needs, is our main priority. Consequently, here is the available range of options for the TOTALPAC® 3 units.

Anti-column Device

The model LD-1 anti-column device is an optional trim component designed for use with preaction sprinkler systems. The anti-column device automatically prevents an unwanted water column from establishing within the system riser. On preaction sprinkler systems the anti-column device prevents water from columning downstream of the easy riser check valve.

Air Supply for Cabinets

The automatic sprinkler piping is supervised by compressed air from a source installed inside or outside the cabinet. The air supply must be regulated. When the compressor option is selected (air supply style “A”), the motor must be sized to restore normal system air pressure within 30 minutes as per NFPA 13 requirements.

  1. Air supply style “A”: is used to supervise the sprinkler piping network of dry or preaction systems. This option includes an oilless piston-type air compressor with supervisory trim integrated in the TOTALPAC® 3 cabinet and factory piped to the system riser.
    Air compressors have open, single-phase motors with internal thermal protection.
  2. Air supply style “B”: is provided with an air pressure maintenance device factory mounted and adjusted in the TOTALPAC® 3 cabinet and piped to the air inlet port of the unit. Used to supervise and restrict the sprinkler piping network of dry or preaction sprinkler systems when the external air supply (by tank-mounted air compressor, plant air or dry nitrogen cylinders) is provided by others.

    Note: the air supply must be restricted to ensure that it cannot replace air as fast as it escapes when a releasing device or sprinkler operates.
  3. Air supply style “C”: is provided with an air pressure maintenance device factory mounted in the TOTALPAC® 3 cabinet. Used only for the pilot line of a pneumatically operated system.
  4. Air supply style “D”: is provided with an air supervisory switch and shut-off trim. Used for freezer application with external air supply and regulation.

Riser Shut-off Valve Option

RISER SHUT-OFF VALVE OPTIONThe riser shut-off valve option consists of a supervised butterfly valve which allows for a full flow trip test without flooding the system’s piping and a sight glass located on the main drain for visual indication of the water flow.




Fire Department Connection Option

The fire department connection is available only on the right side of the cabinet.

Semi-flanged Option

The semi-flanged system option is a flanged inlet and riser connections, threaded drain.

The TOTALPAC® 3 full documentation will be available soon.

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